GURU - ˈɡo͝oro͞o/

an influential teacher or popular expert.
"an SEO guru"
synonyms: expert, authority, master, specialist;
One who stands out in a crowd

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The Difference is Clear

Expert Service

Over 2 decades of direct knowledge and experience in Kelowna SEO.  There is no one else who offers this level of Kelowna internet marketing understanding that can truly call themselves an SEO guru.

Proven Results

I have dozens and dozens of clients with first page rankings – all highly searched for and proven traffic generators.  the Kelowna SEO Guru only targets the most competitive phrases.


Effective Internet marketing solutions.  That is what I strive for.  I want to drive the RIGHT traffic to your website at the RIGHT time.  Only a true Kelowna SEO Guru can promise this and actually deliver.

Are you looking for an experienced Kelowna Internet marketing company?

Only a true Kelowna SEO Guru can deliver results

Why waste thousands of dollars, signing expensive annual contracts only to find out that your Internet marketing firm hasn’t delivered what they promised. I don’t expect you to sign any contracts. But you will stay with me because of the results I WILL provide to you. Only a proven Kelowna SEO Guru is confident enough to offer services without locking you into an expensive annual internet marketing contract.

A true Kelowna SEO Guru will only provide the services you need.

Internet Marketing in Kelowna

What you can expect from my Kelowna internet marketing strategy?

The first step I take with any client is a full assessment of the website to determine it’s search engine friendliness.  Unlike other Kelowna internet marketing firms, I WILL NOT charge you for this assessment.  If I find issues which may affect the success of your campaign I will address them with you and let you know the costs involved with fixing the potential issues.  I WILL NOT WORK ON YOUR WEBSITE OR MAKE CHANGES WITHOUT YOUR APPROVAL.  Only a true SEO Guru will give you this FREE assessment as part of their Kelowna internet marketing services.

Only a true Kelowna SEO Guru will offer a free assessment of your website