Social Media Marketing Kelowna

Social Media Marketing Kelowna

While I do have over 15 years of practical SEO knowledge, I have also realized that it isn’t the only way to attract visitors to your website.

That is why I also offer Kelowna social media marketing and management packages to my clients.

While most customers will find your site doing a search on Google or other search engine, it is true that some will also search social media or ask their friends and families for advice on which Kelowna businesses to deal with.

That’s why it is equally important to have your website found on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

This is why I offer social media marketing to Kelowna businesses.

My Kelowna Social Media programs are designed to attract Kelowna based residents to your social media profile, helping you attract customers from non-search sources.

My Kelowna social media marketing packages, like all my other online packages, are designed with you in mind. They are custom tailored to your needs.

Are you only looking to add new Kelowna followers? Do you need to figure out a way to promote your business to Kelowna on Twitter? Do you have an Instagram account but are unsure how to use it?

This is why I started offering social media packages. I began experimenting on social media on my own and quickly realized how effective Kelowna social media marketing can be.

Because while it is true that most people “Google” something, not everyone turns to Google automatically. Many people use Facebook (for example) and if your business is not found on Facebook then you risk losing potential customers.

As needed, I will set up your social media accounts, if you don’t already have them.  I will then provide regular, relevant and timely updates to your profiles, and work to find you new followers every month.

Monthly you will receive a report outlining what changes I have made to your profile including how many posts were shared, how many followers were added, and which groups we followed.

Unlike other Kelowna Internet marketing firms, our Kelowna social media marketing packages are unique to you.  We don’t automate posting, like other firms.  Everything I do is done by hand – from writing and submitting posts to finding followers.

Fill out the contact form to the right, and be sure to mention “Kelowna social media marketing” to find out how I can help you effectively promote your business to Kelowna customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and even YouTube!