Get To Know the Kelowna SEO Guru


A Bit Of History

The only Kelowna SEO Guru has been performing search engine optimization for longer than anyone in the Okanagan Valley.  I have worked on many different sites over the years from Fortune 500 sites, Governments, Celebrities, Nationally recognized companies, and all from the comfort that is the Okanagan Valley.

I have called Kelowna home for almost 2 1/2 decades.  That is how I know what it takes to perform SEO in Kelowna.  While I have helped many non- Kelowna search engine optimization clients, my focus has been, and always will be, Kelowna based businesses who require my services.

How I Work

My clients often ask me:  How can you offer such great service at such a reasonable price?

The answer is simple:  I am not like other Kelowna search engine optimization firms.  I don’t need a fancy office to “show off”.  My results speak for themselves.

I am comfortable doing what I do and have no problem providing references for clients who are very happy with my services.

What can I offer that other firms can’t?

The answer to that is simple – experience.  The client I have been working with the longest, I have had for almost 10 years.  No other Kelowna search engine optimization firm can claim that.  Most of them cycle through clients quickly.  that is why they need a dedicated sales team – to replace clients they are constantly losing.

There is no other Kelowna search engine optimization guru in Kelowna.

That is why if you need someone to handle your SEO you need to hire the Kelowna SEO guru.

Are you ready for the Kelowna SEO Guru?

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