If you own a business in Kelowna then you need to hire the Kelowna SEO Guru to handle your Kelowna internet marketing.

I provide a full suite or options to help your website rank organically, that is, in the non-paid results. My internet marketing packages can include the following:

Search Engine Optimization
Link Building
Local SEO
Social Media Management & Marketing

You can choose to use them all, or I can provide you each service individually.

I must warn you, however, that I will recommend the services I feel are needed by you, but ultimately the decision is yours.

Kelowna Internet Marketing services provided by the Kelowna SEO Guru are custom designed by me to get you the best rankings I can get you, in as quickly a time frame as possible. If it won’t work, I won’t do it.

The Kelowna internet marketing packages I have designed are based on my decade and a half experience in the SEO industry.

Through my experience all these years I have figured out the “secret sauce” the search engines like Google and Bing use. I know what areas I can exploit to help you get rankings quickly to achieve your internet marketing goals.

But my packages aren’t just about getting rankings. While it is true that my Kelowna internet marketing packages are designed to help get rankings, even for the most difficult and highly competitive phrase, my work doesn’t stop there.

I look at conversion “choke points” and help you define a conversion funnel which turns browsers into buyers. If I find problems with your conversion paths I will tell you, and show you how to fix them. I can even fix them for you, if you like.