Kelowna Search Engine Optimization


The Kelowna SEO Guru offers the best Kelowna search engine optimization services.  I can say this because I have been performing Kelowna search engine optimization longer than any other SEO firm or individual in Kelowna

My Kelowna search engine optimization services include a complete site analysis to determine which pages would be best for optimization purposes.  While performing this analysis (which, unlike other firms I will do for free) I will tell you what issues I find with your site, if any, and provide solutions for resolving issues.  If you want, I will fix these issues for you for free as well.

I do this because I want your Kelowna search engine optimization to be as effective as it can be.  The only way to do this is to resolve issues and fix problems which could negatively impact your chances of rankings competitively.

Kelowna search engine optimization provided by the Kelowna SEO Guru includes a site analysis performed at no cost to you.

As part of the free site analysis I perform for your site, prior to beginning your Kelowna search engine optimization program, I may find that you need extra content to help your site perform as well as possible in the search engines.

If that is the case I will give you the option to make the changes yourself, by adjusting your current content, or adding new content as needed.  Or if you like (and I will recommend) I will assign the writing project to one of my very capable and experienced writers.  They know how to write for search engines and will create the content that is needed to help your Kelowna search engine optimization.

If I find that there are structural changes to your website which must be undertaken before beginning your custom Kelowna search engine optimization program, I will let you know.

I will also then provide consultation on how to fix these, or offer to fix them for you.  If there is a cost involved I will let you know before beginning any work.

And if, for some reason, you feel uncomfortable making those changes, and I determine that the are necessary for your Kelowna search engine optimization to succeed, I will tell you so.  If you are still unwilling to make changes, we can part ways at no cost to you.

I would rather lose your business on a positive note, than charge you hundreds, or thousands of dollars on an ineffective internet marketing campaign which I  know will not work.