Kelowna Link Building

Link Building Companies In Kelowna

One of the core services of any SEO program should be link building.  That is why the Kelowna SEO guru excels at link building for Kelowna clients.

Through my over 15 years, I’ve seen changes in how Google and other search engines classify links.  When link building became more important it was merely a matter of growing more links than your competition.

Today, however, it is a much different story.  Kelowna link building involves a combination of volume, quality and relevancy.  No longer is it important to have the most links. In fact, acquiring too many links too quickly can actually have a negative impact.

Kelowna link building provided by the Kelowna SEO Guru is considered the most effective link building in the Okanagan Valley.

My Kelowna link building is custom designed for your site.  We don’t use any “cookie cutter” programs like many of our competitors.  As such, our links last longer and provide your website the most benefit for the longest period of time.

Many of our competitors use link building schemes which Google has explicitly said are against their rules.  Eventually, these less-than-ethical Kelowna link building firms will be targeted and their clients will get penalized.  It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

That is why our Kelowna link building packages are designed not only with your site and competition in mind, but also ensuring that we don’t set off any “Google alarms”.